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Nicole & Heather

my best friend, Shannon kept telling me about this girl that she worked with, named Heather. Shannon said that Heather wore visors alot (a big turn-on for me!) and she thinks she might be gay, but she doesnt know (Shannon was afraid that Heather would “kick her ass, if she wasn’t). So finally one night Shannon got a group of her co-workers to go out after work one night. Of course she called me too. As soon as I saw Heather, I knew that she was the one for me! I flirted a little bit that night, and even bought her a few drinks, but she didnt get the hint! (she claims that I was too hot to be gay, ha!) So after that night I kept bugging Shannon to get her to go out again, and she wouldnt go! It took a lot of persuading, but finally in January I got her to agree to “go watch football with me”, which turned into more of a date. We ended up at a party and then at the local gay bar, (Heather’s 1st time!) And thats where our journey started! We knew from pretty early on in our relationship that we wanted to spend our lives together, and one day get married. We have had our share of difficulties, battling addictions, health problems, financal difficulties, but we made it through all of that, and are so much stronger and closer now. We are planning a trip through the New England states this summer, and a quick wedding at a J.O.P. Then a big party when we get home! After that we are planning to start our family. I can’t wait! Heather is the love of my life!!!

Fast Facts

First met: at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Sept 06
First date: January 14, 2007

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