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Ana & Noelia

We met on myspace & started speaking on the phone a lot. Then we finally met. We felt a connection with the first kiss. We spent a lot of time together and by June 27th we were officially a couple! It was crazy & scary how quickly we fell for one another, especially since we had both been through some very unhealthy relationships in the past. We have always been extremely honest with one another and feel that that is the reason the foundation of our love is so strong. We have become each other’s best friend!

When we decided to get married it was a bit daunting to think that we would have to plan such a meaningful & large event! We want the ceremony to reflect the love and respect we have for each other, and it was important that we have a Reverend preform the ceremony because I am a very spiritual person and I attend church regularly. Noelia has been very supportive and we have blended our lives seamlessly thus far.

I hope everyone enjoys our page, and we will be putting up information later on to keep you informed.

Thank You & God Bless!

Ana Mercedes & Noelia DeCarmen

Love Inspiration

The love we share inspired us to make this commitment. It's only natural...

Fast Facts

First met: 27 May 2007
First date: 03 June 2007 at my church's Festival of Nations
Got engaged: November 2007
Ceremony location: Carteret, New Jersey
Favorite planning resource: Anything I get my Hands on & Evelyn - our Florist
Honeymoon destination: Undecided

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Union Ceremony
Our wedding colors: Ivory, Chocolate Brown, & Dk. Plum
We will be wearing: Ana is wearing a dress Noelia hasn't decided yet.
Who proposed to who: It was a mutual decision
Our last name will be: Ortiz Serrano

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