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Pamela & Toni

This is funny cause I went out for a drink to chill out bye myself at a night club. So I talk to a friend of mind and listen to some good music. As I go to the bar to order a drink this woman comes up and ask me to by her a drink and I look at her like are u serious, so I told the bartenard to get her what she wants and she order a coke-coke and smile and said thank u, I just walk away and said your welcome. Toni is very smooth she saw me talking to this a guy and went over to ask him about me. She start talking to him like she been knowing him and cracking jokes. I was very impress with her and Toni is very funny along with cute. I end up with a flat tire and I call Toni to come and save me and she did without any question. I knew then that this women is for me cause we had not had a date. And we been together scent 1994 to now. We have a beautiful son Kolin and live in Indiana I’m so bless.

Lost Love too Find Love Again!!!!!!

Love Inspiration

Our son Kolin....life, live, love, FAMILY

Fast Facts

First met: 151 Night club
First date: October 03,1994
Got engaged: April 14,2013
Ceremony location: Indpls, IN
Honeymoon destination: Haiwaii

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment to Life
Our wedding colors: Yellow & white
We will be wearing: Dress Pants, Dress
Who proposed to who: Pamela proposed to Toni
Our last name will be: Our own

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