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Alane & Patricia

We emailed for a month or so and then finally met…what words can you use to describe meeting a stanger but looking in the eyes of an old friend a lover a strong tower and then realizing your looking at yourself.Thus begins our journey.We both were coming out of relationships both confused both angry both dealing with trust issues and both dealing with a lot of old baggage,but love has a funny way of catching you off guard. Our lives have been filled with ups and downs with tears and laughter with happiness and anger but our lives always end up together.

One thing that has solidified us is our mutual love for God and the fact that we truly believe in each other,in 2007 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor I had surgery and all has been well (Thank God) but our lives have been changed forever Alane has been by my side through thick and thin she has taken care of me she has continued to make me laugh and she gives me a sense of peace and security…..she is my life partner and I her’s we will grow old together and we will laugh and dance thru the minds and eyes of our children and grandchildren for years to come.And one thing we plan to do is legally marry in the state of CA, please remember to be supportive regarding this issue because it is a gift each and every man or woman deserves to do.

Every day is a blessing from God

Love Inspiration

Our children and grandchildren

Fast Facts

First met: 2002
First date: 5/11/02
Got engaged: 3/10/04
Ceremony location: Stowe,Vermont
Favorite planning resource: We did it all ourselves
Honeymoon destination: Las Vegas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: At Last
Our wedding colors: Cream and Black
We will be wearing: Female tux, Linen gown
Who proposed to who: Alane to Patricia
Our last name will be: The same

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