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Phillena & Chanel

We met through a mutual friend in the end of 06′. Chanel was preppy and I was a transfer student. I hated it there but I still came to school. At the time she wasn’t a lesbian she was so called straight. In the fall of 07 she told me that she was into females. I pursuced her and Chanel made it offical on 12-04-7. We fell in love after that. In the June of 08′ I asked her to marry me because we went through so much that i realized that she was all that I needed. Our parents are agaisnt and a couple of friends but I lover her and I will start a family with her. We are both currently finacially stable and even though some may say that we are too young I say that you don’t know the love we have. We plan on getting married at the end of 2010.

Because we can't hit the club they be trying 2 say it aint love, but i kno wat i feel so im not 2 young

Love Inspiration

The love that we had 4 each other, after being disowned, acs cases and trying situations we are still together dispite it all

Fast Facts

First met: In High School [sophmore year]06
First date: In the local libary in 07'
Got engaged: My bestiies basement 08'

In Case You Were Wondering

We will be wearing: Phillena = Custom tux, chanel=purple dress
Who proposed to who: Phillena proposed to Chanel
Our last name will be: Chanel's last name

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