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Robert & Edward

We first locked eyes in the mailroom, where we were neighbors in Denver, Colorado. Edward lived a floor above me, so we saw each other quite often in the same building i.e, the mailroom, the stairway, the laundry room, the hot tub.

We both had mutual friends, and heard constantly about each other, but was never really introduced. Edward attempted a few times to invite Robert on a date, I played hard to get. We were on friendly speaking terms after awhile, and our biggest moment we will always remember.

I had previously borrowed a large pasta cooking pot from Edward. I hadnt taken it back to him for a few weeks, I was too nervous to go up to his apartment at the time. One night, I went out to a bar with some friends, and we ended up running into each other. He invited me to go with him with his friends to another bar, but my shyness kicked in, and I turned him down yet again. I could see the dissapointment in his eyes as he left.

The rest of the night, I couldn’t stop thinking about why I couldn’t get the courage to show him my feelings towards him. Finally, after swallowing liquid courage all night, I brazenly went home, grabbed the pasta pot, marched up to his apartment, and knocked on his door at 3am in the morning. Imagine his look when he sees me standing there, with his pot in my nervous hands. I asked to come in for a bit, because I wanted to talk to him and enjoy his company for awhile.

One thing let to another, and I ended up telling him that I had affections towards him for quite some time, and if he wouldn’t mind, if I may kiss him. From that moment on, the spark between us erupted and has been going on stronger since that day.

A few months of dating went by, and we had spent much time together, even going on a week long road trip through the southwest together. Shortly after, we decided to move out and get our own place together. Time passed, and we got more and more comfortable with each other as we found how each other really are in our own home.

Later down the road, we made a mutual decision that his education was important, and our dreams of moving to Arizona was shared. So we picked up, packed up, and road tripped to Arizona with our animals, and have been living in Phoenix. We are blissfully happy we made the decision and have been very content living together in the hot hot desert heat since then.

Love Inspiration

A pasta pot :D

Fast Facts

First met: In the mailroom
First date: Movie and Theatre
Got engaged: At the Melting Pot in Scottsdale, AZ on June 26, 2009
Ceremony date: 07/22/2010
Ceremony location: Vermont
Honeymoon destination: Not yet decided

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Edward proposed to me.
Our last name will be: Mastronardi

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