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Rachael & Danielle

Danielle and I originally met in 2002, when we lived in the same apartment complex. I had an obnoxious roommate at the time, and her roommate was likewise but even louder! As an extreme introvert, and not being able to approach Danielle without her roommate making a fuss… I avoided them altogether.

Fast forward 3 years…I’m doing the online personals thing after a few flat-lined relationships…and I get a message from a girl who thinks she knows me from somewhere before. She thought we should talk and maybe hang out sometime. I was working two jobs full time, and sleeping for the sparing moments in between while Danielle was a full time student and also working full time. About two months into emailing each other and occasional chatting online, we finally met in person again. I invited her to my place for a nice dinner and to just hang out. Four years later, we’ve been through a mess of life experiences and continue to be completed connected to each other through everything.

Now for the wedding bells, wedded bliss, and the excitement of planning to have a family together!

We are blessed to have one another, and to be able to so delicately balance one another out when things get crazy…

Forever, for always, and no matter what...

Love Inspiration

Our love for one another, and the love and support of our families.

Fast Facts

First met: March 2002
First date: October 2005
Got engaged: October 2008
Ceremony date: 05/14/2010
Ceremony location: Palisades-Kepler State Park

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: The one we've waited for...
Our wedding colors: Periwinkle / Platinum
We will be wearing: Danielle- dress? / Rachael- tux!
Who proposed to who: Danielle asked. I accepted.
Our last name will be: White

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