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Reina & Kimberly

We were friends in high school but each went our own way after graduation not truly understanding the connection we shared in those days. Then almost twenty years later we reconnected on Facebook. One night we started messaging back and forth we realized that we were living only six houses away from one another! We decided to catch up over a few drinks at a little neighborhood bar. We spent the entire night catching up and reconnecting…and that was that! We have been together ever since!

And so it is!

Love Inspiration

Our love, support, faith and passion for one another.

Fast Facts

First met: In High School
First date: January 7, 2010
Got engaged: February 21, 2010
Ceremony location: TBD
Honeymoon destination: Guam

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
Who proposed to who: Reina proposed to Kim

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