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Rebecca & Nicole

Nicole and I went to high school together , the first time i saw her she was a senior and i was in ninth grade. I remember she had a short hair cut, bagggy jeans and as we all do in school she was always on a mission to get the ladies.

We had the same friends and i remember sneaking out of my house to go next door where there was a party and nicole was there….we had a smooch so it was worth getting grounded for sneaking out.

Through the years we continued having the same friends and didnt really run in to one another. We both went through our young adulthood making mistakes trial and error with dating .. Then one night in June almost two years ago my friend got me to go meet her at the bar for a beer and Let me tell you when me and nicole saw eachother it was like a switch went on,sparks flew and one thing lead to another, honestly we have yet to be apart from one another since that day.

Nicole and I have been through so many challenges the last two years,between family issues,acceptance issues with my family and having our first apartment together catch fire last Feb and lost pretty much everything,we are eachothers rock and made it through our challenges. we love eachother so much and cant wait to grow old together ..nicole says sitting on our porch bickering like two hens is her idea of perfect,lol and it is mine as well.

We are one of a kind,complete opposites in the most complimentry ways,i am a girly girl on outside but a tomboy all day, Nicole has the boyish look down to an art ,however she screams when she sees a spider and is has just as many girlish tendencies as i do,together we are perfect for one another and so lucky and blessed to have found eachother.

Love Inspiration

we inspired eachother,

Fast Facts

First met: 1998
First date: june 10 2009
Got engaged: July 2010
Ceremony location: provincetown,mass
Favorite planning resource: not known yet
Honeymoon destination: debating still but def tropical

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: wedding
Our wedding colors: black n white
We will be wearing: not certain,nicole wearing pants she refuses a dress.
Who proposed to who: nicoleproposed to rebecca
Our last name will be: Ryan

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