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Elizabeth & Barry

I was once the wife of a baptist, and when I divorced and wanted to remarry, the church refused. I eloped to Las Vegas in a small Wedding Chapel, and have been happily married for 8 years. During this eight years, I have explored many avenues.

I could no longer be a member of my church or teach the Sunday School class, because I did not confirm to the beliefs of the church and I had a lesbian friend.I was told I could not start my own church, when I tried to purchase one, which is being turned into an apartment house now.

I became an ordained minister, and later ordained with Universal Life Ministry, I did not need a church. I will not put a price on preforming a Wedding, Baptism, Commitment Ceremony,nor will I judge anyone though my Celtic Beliefs have been challenged by many and judged.

Love is Love

Love Inspiration

What Love has brought together, Love will keep together.

Fast Facts

First met: Denny's Restaurant
First date: Mechanic Shop
Got engaged: Valentines Day 2001
Ceremony location: Las Vegas
Favorite planning resource: Me
Honeymoon destination: LasVegas

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