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Rheanette & Angie

We met while I was working at a local night club as a bouncer. When Angie came up to the front door I had to pat her down and it was love for me at that moment. I knew I wanted to get to know her..Later that night I saw her and she asked for my number…We have been together ever since. Through it all over the past 2 years she has loved me, cared for me, inspired me, trusted me, accepted me, and completed me. I love her more every morning I wake up next to her..She is my SUGA….

You complete me..You hold my heart in your hands..

Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: 03/09/2008
First date: 03/15/2008
Got engaged: 06/01/2008
Ceremony date: 03/12/2010

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Complete...
Our wedding colors: Red and pink
We will be wearing: Red, pink, black, white
Who proposed to who: Angie proposed...
Our last name will be: Tillman

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