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Veronica & Dava

We are 10 years apart and from to different worlds. We both were married to men when we were young. She was married to her daughter’s father in 1984,he was abusive and left when Carmen turned one years old. She married him to rid the pain of losing her “wife” and two children in a drunk driving accident in 1982 in Denver, Colorado. She felt alone when she lost the women she ever loved. After her husband left she gave all her time to raising her daughter. Then she met me in 2002… I got married when I turned 18.It was a shotgun wedding. I happened to get pregnant the first time being with a man. Go figure. I lost my son seven days after getting married. I never looked back. I knew what I felt inside was who I really was. I went out with many women but never found the “one”. Until I met “chris”, so I thought. I was walking on cloud nine for her. She was everything I wanted. She was Chicana, BUTCH and . I was breathless when I was around her but things quickly changed. She became very physically abusive and drug dependent. I was lost. The only thing that kepted me grounded was meeting Dava. I had met Dava during this time. She made me feel good about myself. I was myself when I was around her. My life was going to hell but when I spoke to Dava, everything went away. Well, “chris” forced me to quit my job and move to California. I tried to keep in touch with Dava, but to my sadness I never heard from her again…Life went on and we came back to Tucson. I got a new job, which I really like and started to find my independence. I stopped being “chris’s’ walking mat and made my own decisions. August 26,2006 I saw Dava driving her work van and all these feeling rushed over me like a tidal wave. I had to find her again. I found her number and I called. We didn’t never stopped speaking to each other. We eat lunch every chance we could. We fall in love with each other. I left everything behind when I left “chris”. All I had to offer Dava was my love and compassion. When I mean everything I mean everything, clothes, shoes, underwear, pictures, EVERYTHING. We have been together ever since and love has grow stronger and stronger every day…

"Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one." - Friedrich Halm

Love Inspiration

After years of searching for that special someone and to find her just by looking up..Our love is true.

Fast Facts

First met: Spring of 2002
First date: November 2006
Got engaged: July 2007
Ceremony date: 08/17/2008
Ceremony location: San diego, California
Favorite planning resource: Mom, Aunts, and primas
Honeymoon destination: We are about to celebrate our first anniversary and we are going back to San Diego to have some fun. Veronica I love you every much you are my moon my sun & my star. You are my life. love you baby dava

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Beach Desert Wedding
Our wedding colors: Maroon and Off White
We will be wearing: I-off white v-neck dress.She-wangers pants, Maroon shirt.
Who proposed to who: Dava to me.
Our last name will be: Borquez-Rogers

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: My father and GodFather trying to make a toast
First Dance song: "Love will keep us alive" by The Eagles

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