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Leah & Stephanie

Well I started working at a Nike Factory Store in 2008 then I decided that I wanted to join the military so I did. It took a whole year for me to get a ship date til finally I got a date to leave Dec 27 2009 which was 2 months before Stephanie started working at Nike. We were both in rocky relationships at the time but we flirted and gave each other looks and such those 2 months but nothing more ever happend we didn’t even exchange numbers. Anyways before I left for BMT she gave me her address so I could write her…I never did. Not to be mean or anything but writing her was the last thing on my mind during those annoying 8 an 1/2 weeks. Eventually I graduated and then I got shipped to Mississippi for Techinal Training and the day I reached I was talking to my friend who also worked with us (finally I got to use my cell phone!!) and she was telling me that Stephanie kept asking for me so I was like fine give me her number, I contacted her and from that day we were stuck like glue! Well, not physically because we had to do a long distance relationship for about 9 months until she decided to move with me to Texas were I’m stationed now. We’ve been through so much in our relationship, the distance, phsyco ex-girlfriends you name it but no matter what we go through we still stay strong and I thank god for everyday that I open my eyes and see her next to me.

With you is where I'd rather be...

Love Inspiration

Our love overcomes any obstacles

Fast Facts

First met: Oct 2009
First date: May 2010
Got engaged: July 2011
Ceremony location: MCC San Antonio
Favorite planning resource: Computer
Honeymoon destination: Florida

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Lavender, white and silver
We will be wearing: A dress for me and a Chinese Tux for Stephanie
Who proposed to who: I did =)
Our last name will be: Metayer-Gayle

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