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Tili & Aja

I met Aja at work. I had just started at the Post Office, a little withdrawn. It began as a co worker / friendship. I would tell her about my dreams and aspirations, she would listen but I could tell she was not really interested. This is a long story but I will share it.

At the time I was still involved in a heterosexual relationship …. dying to get out, but I was worried about my families view of my decision to live my life, with love and respect. You see my x was a liar and a drug addict, but my mother told me … “half a man is better than no man at all.” I thought if I married him maybe I would love him more. So I did, but the love did not grow, I hated him more. He told me my infatuation and friendship with Aja would have to end. I told him “kiss my a**”. I have been dedicated to you for 4 years and in that whole time you never once respected me. So I continued my friendship with her. In July 2007, we finally departed. I felt a piece of me slip away. In time I would heal.

In August 2007, Aja and I (Tili), decided friends would no longer be good enough, we began dating exclusively then. I debated whether I should divulge my hidden side to her… eventually it had revealed itself. I like naughty little things physically and sexually. It turns out we both liked that. It was a perfect match. My guilt of breaking my home life had began to diminish, I was beginning to open up to love again.

By November 2007, I had come out to my family. Well this was enough to pull me over the edge. It almost did. Aja was there to hold my hand through this. My own mother, told me that she would rather see my kids with their crackhead father, than to be in a happy loving home with me and Aja. This did not sit well with me, stopped talking to my mother for a while as a result. It did not help, my ex would call my mother crying talking about it was all my fault, I was unfaithful to him with women for the past 4 years … when it was the other way around. And even though everyone knows , even my father – he does not approve either; he thinks I need to get baptized again, it will make me straight again – that just is not a healthy situation. We don’t discuss it … my family & I.

When 2008 hit, I disappointed Aja and made her cry. I told her it was my goal to never hurt her that way again. Now we are deeply in love. Distant from all that would like to cause harm to us. My three children have accepted us and she is “momma aja”. We are a unit and it feels like a dream. I have vowed to devote my entire life to us and then some. My dreams have finally been answered. We are each others soul mate.

Love's Compromise

Love Inspiration

With sickness & health controlled.... we decided it was time

Fast Facts

First met: November 11, 2006
First date: August 9, 2007
Got engaged: Deember 2008
Ceremony date: 08/28/2010
Ceremony location: Van Nuys, California
Honeymoon destination: Europe

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: ivory/black/gold
We will be wearing: (Tili) bridal gown - (aja) silk suit
Who proposed to who: Tili proposed to Aja
Our last name will be: Hill
We are registered at: target

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