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Sally & Avis

Avis and I met thru a mutual friend. He introduced me to her as his “girl”. So I had assumed she was with him. But as time came about she was not his girlfriend. We started out as friends. Grew closer over time, she invited me to go to Reno, Nevada with her and her parents. Well, I ended going to jail for a failure to appear, I was supposed to have a date with her on a monday. Well I happen to get out of jail that monday night. So I rushed up to the bar to see her, and she was there waiting for me. That was Feb 20th 2007, and we have had many trials and tribulations throughout our relationship. But as of now we have just blossomed thru all of the bad.

Love Inspiration

My love for Avis is what inspired me to propose to her.

Fast Facts

First met: October 2006
First date: Feb 20th 2007
Got engaged: June 17th 2012

In Case You Were Wondering

Who proposed to who: Sally Proposed to Avis

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