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Riya & Drya

We met at a cookout last summer. It was instant attaction. We flirted a little but did not exchange numbers. About six weeks later, we ran into each other again. This time, we actually had a chance to talk. With everyone around, Dre went in for the kill. She told me I was beautiful and asked for my number. I asked if that was “a line” she was using on me. She said no, as if she was offended. I thought it was cute and she was definitely a player. But I was single, so why not. We went to brunch the next day with our mutual friends. After brunch, we actually had a open converstaion about all of our flaws. We were both intrigued that we could accept each other’s bad sides so quickly and not be turned off. That week we talked every day all day long. We learned so much about each other through just open and honest communication. We had our first date a week later. And the rest is history. We knew after three weeks, that we had finally found the one. We talked about marriage before we were even in an exclusive relationship. We are truly best friends.

Love Inspiration

God has blessed us to find "the one".

Fast Facts

First met: June 2009 @ a cookout
First date: Cheesecake Factory

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