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Tiffany & Samantha

Where to begin…

I remember the day I met Sam, she was hanging out with my sister when I came home from the hospital due to kidney stones (painful!). Let me tell you I was a HOT mess haha but we became instant friends. I never knew such a GREAT friendship could turn into something magical. I remember the night I fell in love with her and I know… she loved me too. Its been a CRAZY CRAZY adventure now almost 7 years later we have an amazing 2 year old boy named Julian, 2 dogs and a beautiful life.

To be continued…

Take a chance, because you never know how perfect it can turn out to be.

Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: About 7 years ago
Got engaged: April 2008
Ceremony location: Florida

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Purple, White and Black
We will be wearing: Wedding attire duuuuh!
Who proposed to who: Sam proposed to Tiffany
Our last name will be: Selby-Beal

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