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Shaina & Shandora

Me and Shandora (Dora) met online in October 2007. I (Shaina) was not trying to be in a relationship. I enjoyed being single. Dora kept emailing me and persuing me but I was pretty much brushing her off. We exchanged phone numbers at some point so we could text each other at work. So one day, I was at work and Dora texted me that she was in the city to meet one of her friends but her friend had stood her up. Ironically, she was in Times Square which was right around the corner from my office. I took a long lunch and met her at the McDonalds. We walked to Bryant Park and sat and talked. I was hooked. I had to go so I gave her a hug. Dora asked me if she could wait for me to get off work. I said “yes!” After work, we walked all over the city, talking and getting to know one another. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

At the beginning of February, me and Dora moved in together. While furniture shopping, we found a picture/sign in Target, that says “Love is spoken here” which has hence become the motto of our relationship. We always try to speak to each other in loving ways, even when we don’t want to.

Dora totally compliments me. We are definitely soulmates. My family loves her and we look forward to our wedding and our life together.

"Love is spoken here"

Fast Facts

First met: online in 2007
First date: November 1, 2007--Bryant Park
Got engaged: unofficially on November 9, 2007/ officially January 2008
Honeymoon destination: Cruise to Aruba, St. Maarten, and Curacao

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: mocha and periwinkle (brown and blue)
We will be wearing: Dresses--probably not white
Who proposed to who: Shandora proposed to Shaina
Our last name will be: hyphenated

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