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Sherine & Danelle

Danelle and I met online in January of 2010. Danelle had sent me a message asking how San Antonio TX was and she was thinking about retiring there. I replied back and told her some things about here. Well that open up the perfect door for her. Danelle let me know she was stationed in Iraq and was looking for a serious relationship. I didn’t take her serious because she was so far away and plus I had heard a few things about online hook ups, lol. Danelle didn’t back down, she just knew in her heart that I was the one. So no matter how hard I would put a block up,she would find a way to enter. I finally gave in and let Danelle have my number. We would talk on the phone for hours! It felt like we had know each other for years! One day we had a serious talk about long distance relationship and what we both wanted in the future. I already knew where Danelle was going with this talk and I let her know that I wasn’t ready for a relationship. Danelle respected my wishes and told me to sleep on it. When we got off the phone their was a knock on my front door. When I open the door, all I saw was a man holding big vase filled with beautiful pink roses and a pink bear ( which is my favorite color). OMG I was all smiles! When I read the card,it said: “Sherine will you be my muffin?” (That’s the nickname Danelle gave me.) Shortly after the flowers had arrived, Danelle called me. I said YES I’ll be your muffin with no holding back! Our relationship was long distance for about three months. In April of 2010 Danelle return back to US, on her first break she drove from Kansas to Texas to see me. That was our first time seeing each other in person and our first date! Our first date was wonderful,we went to the heart of San Antonio which is downtown. We walk around the river walk,rode on the river boats, visited The Alamo(which Danelle loved the most) and then had dinner at Landry’s Restaurants right by the water! It was so romantic and it felt like a dream that had came true! 🙂

Our relationship was growing into what WE both expected but we had a little more holding on to do because she couldn’t move her till the end of May. May has come and gone, we have been together ever since,on January 11, 2011 it will be a year for us! 🙂

Our engagement day: On December 3, 2010 I was dropping her off for work. She had told me to come inside to met one of her co-worker. As were walking into her work place, she drops to one knee and pulls out a pink ring box from her pocket. Ask me what was I doing in the future and if I would be her wife? I was smiling like crazy and said YES I WOULD LOVE TO SPEND MY FUTURE WITH YOU!! Our wedding will be April 14, 2012!

To be continue…

I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Love Inspiration

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind and That's What We Have As One

Fast Facts

First met: Online Jan 2010
First date: April 2010-The heart of San Antonio(downtown)
Got engaged: December 3, 2010
Ceremony date: 04/13/2012
Ceremony location: San Antonio Tx
Favorite planning resource: Theknot,gay weddings & project wedding
Honeymoon destination: Denver, CO

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Fuchsia,cobalt blue & silver(accent color)
We will be wearing: I will be wearing a Wedding Gown & Sexy Suit for Danelle
Who proposed to who: Danelle proposed to Me(Sherine)
Our last name will be: Harris

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