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Margie & Sherri

Margie Story:

I have been in some serious relationships and have been married. It never seemed to work out. Sherri was dating a friend of mine for several years and we became friends. In the last year we have became best friends. She had finally shared her true feelings with me which lead me to let her know that I had started to develope feelings for her as well over a year ago.

She is truelly an amazing woman, I am so in love with her. Sherri has made me feel real love and has made me realize that relationships are unselfish and loving. I know I have truelly met my Soul Mate, My best friend. I already feel as if we are united as one, but the ceremony will help my children. UPDATE: We changed our wedding plans due to the recent passing of the equality Marriage Rights Bill in New York. So now all our family and friends can join in our celebration. This is truelly a dream come true. I love you sherri with all my mind, body, heart and soul.

heart, body, soul and mind

Love Inspiration

Our overwhelming love and happiness.

Fast Facts

First met: summer 2000
First date: April 23, 2011
Got engaged: May 19,2011
Ceremony date: 07/13/2012
Ceremony location: Rochester NY

In Case You Were Wondering

We will be wearing: Dress and Tux
Who proposed to who: Sherri proposed to me
Our last name will be: Singer

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