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Tiara & Keaira

Well Me & Keaira Went To School Together. I Was A Sophomore & She Was A Freshman But I Had An Interest In Her But Of Course I Was In A Relationship With Someone Else. So She Wouldn’t Even Talk To Me But I Kept Trying. But One Day She Texted Me At 5:00 In The Morning Before School. I Was Surprised To Get It But Excited. So We Ended Up Textin All Day From That Day On. So Our Conversation Turned From Silly To Relationship Talk. She Told Me She Liked Me For A While & I Told Her The Same. But There Was One Problem I Was Still In A Relationship. We Continued To Talk Until She Told Me She Wasn’t Gonna Wait Any Longer. So I Broke Up With My Ex & Then It Was Official She Was Mine & I Was Hers On May 21, 2008. On October 31,2008 I Took An Even Bigger Step & Asked Her To Marry Me & She Said Yes.

You Complete Me

Love Inspiration

The Love We Share For Eachother

Fast Facts

First met: 10.21.07
Got engaged: 10.31.08

In Case You Were Wondering

We will be wearing: Traditional
Who proposed to who: Tiara To Keaira
Our last name will be: Smith

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