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Ta’Nasha & Tanya

Tanya saw me years ago at a night club called go figure and had a crush on me… Then all beholds her and my oldest sister ended up being friends and one day when my sister came to my apartment to visit… She brought Tanya with her.. We all watched movies and had pizza…

Then after time pasted we lost contact… Tanya then reguested me on myspace and I declined and then when she requested me again I accepted her… We then started talking all day and night on the phone this was about the fisrt of Aug of 2006…

We made plans for me to meet Tanya at her work on her lunch break… I did and we went to sonic and got a drink and set in the car and talked her whole lunch hour…

I knew from that day she was going to be my wife…

After 6 months we had a wedding in Las Vegas on March 10th 2007 and then had our reception here in Arizona March 17th 2007…

Alot of time has passed and we are still hanging on through the good abd the bad… We both know that we are MENT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVA…

We want to tell everyone hang in there through the good a=nd the bad , it will only get better…

We are Blessedas1

Love Inspiration

The love for one another

Fast Facts

First met: At a nightclub
First date: a drink @ Sonic
Got engaged: March 10th 2006
Ceremony date: 01/16/2009
Ceremony location: San Dieago
Favorite planning resource: Davids bridal
Honeymoon destination: undecided

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Blessedas1
Our wedding colors: Ivory and Apple
We will be wearing: Tanya a wedding dress, Tee pants n button down
Who proposed to who: I asked Tanya
Our last name will be: Robertson

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: Each other
First Dance song: Good luck charm

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