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Tanesha & Angela

We meet through Angela Friend Cindy Simpson me ( Tanesha ) and Cindy use to work at the same Nursing home in Clinton SC i wasn’t looking for anyone at that time well me and Cindy was sitting at work that Saturday night talking about different things well then she said that she had a friend who was gay just like me well i did say anything i just listen then Cindy was like i will call her for you i thought she was playing next thing i know i heard Cindy calling my name then she was like you go a phone call and i was like no i don’t well she gave me her cellphone i didn’t know that Angela was on the phone until i said hello we talk for a little bit then we hung up. Well I got off of work at 11:00pm that same Saturday night Cindy call me I didn’t know that her and Angela was together well Cindy was like what are you doing i said nothing then Cindy was like i got somebody that want to see u so i was like okay, well when i got to Mc Donalds i was still sitting in my car i saw Angela get out and walk to my car well she got in and said hey i was shock i just look at her and smile i didn’t know what to say so i didn’t say anything i just look well in my mind i was think to my self she is not gay cause she didn’t look like the type we didn’t really talk that much that night well after that night we have been inseparable every since, well things move right along as plan we talked everyday then we started spending a lot of time together then next thing i know Angela ask me to move in with her and i was shock i didn’t know what to say but then we spend some nights together then finally i move in with Angela so we was lying down one afternoon in bed and we was talking about different things so out of the blue marry came up in the conversation and i was are you serious and Angela will like yea i am so me being me i didn’t say anything at that time i just listen so she was like you can think about it so i think Angela had some doubt in her mind that i did want to marry her so i didn’t want her to feel like i didn’t but all at the same time thats what i want to do i never did say anything i was just quite about so one day we went out to eat at Fatz Cafe in Clinton SC and we was talking while we was waiting on our food well i had a napkin that i was writing on and i wrote on the napkin will you marry me Angela didn’t say anything right then so i was quite i just ate my food we well when we got home Angela was like i had been waiting on you to ask me that for a long time now so we started making plans for our wedding from then on well we was watching t.v. one night and the news came on that it was going to be legal for gays to get marry in California so we started make plans to fly to California we left for California on Friday morning June 20 ,2008 Angela drove to Charlotte North Carolina to the airport and we go on the airplane from there we got in California that Friday evening the time was two hours different from our time so things was different for us most of all fun cause it was our first time there in California We enjoy ourselves then we go married on Saturday June 21, 2008 at 1:00pm at the Amore Chapel in California the set up was very nice and the people was friendly and everything well at we get married we didn’t do anything but took a shower and went to sleep when we got back to the hotel cause it was so hot , we didn’t get back home until Monday morning cause we had some problem with our flight. Well when we got home we slept that whole day cause we was tried this is the end of the wonderful life of Tanesha and Angela Williams. ”The life be hide the life in the world of the Rainbow” Being gay and happily married equal success in life.

Don't knock it Until you have try it !

Love Inspiration

We inspired ourseleves cause we deserves to be happy in our lives no matter what life style we choose to live.

Fast Facts

First met: March 22,2008 at Macdonalds in Clinton
First date: A Wed.night in the begin of Apr. we went to Spartanburg
Got engaged: In may at Fatz Cafe in Clinton SC
Ceremony location: Duarte California
Favorite planning resource: Angela and Friends
Honeymoon destination: Las Vegas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: ''Love in Happiness"
Our wedding colors: Royal Blue
We will be wearing: Angela a Dress and Tanesha a Tuxedo
Who proposed to who: Angela proposed to Tanesha
Our last name will be: Williams

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: When We Said" I Do"
First Dance song: Jahiem and Keyshia Cole I've Changed for You

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