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Tara & Catrina

We met at school in February 2011. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other. But neither one of us had the courage to speak. I (Trina) would stock Tara’s classroom. Little did I know, she was stocking me in my classroom too. One day, Tara passed me in the hall and said “why do you keep staring at me but don’t speak?” Which I replied, “because I like what I see. Is that a problem?” Then we both smiled and I walked away. One day while waiting for class to start, I was jammin to my music and sitting in the dark classroom, when the lights suddenly went on and the most beautiful person was standing in front of me. She finally got the courage to speak to me. We exchanged numbers. From there, we became best friends. Never did we think we would be together to this day. Tara wasn’t ready for a relationship and I thought she was too good for me that I didn’t stand a chance. But I at least wanted to remain in her life no matter what. So I settled for friends. Little did I know, she did want to be with me and she thought I was too good for her. So she made it a point to find a way to stay in my life. After months go by of hanging out and enjoying every second of each others company…feelings could no longer stay suppressed anymore. We spent nights holding on to each other. Staying at each others houses. Then we realized…we’re meant to be together. I had already fallen in love with Tara. And when I told her…she said…”I already know.” And when she returned the statement, “I love you too”, we’ve been inseparable. We currently live together, with our beautiful 2 yr old daughter Inaya. We go on lots of vacations together. Watch tv shows together. Help each other study and stay on our A game together. We even find a way to finish each others sentences. It’s crazy how much we know about one another but still find new things about each other that we learn to appreciate each day. We’ve had our arguments and yet still found our ways back into each others hearts. I always get into relationships and then get bored easily. I’ve never found a dull moment in this relationship. As I like to say…Tara is my flower and I’m her sunshine….although maybe it’s the other way around.

"If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 1 day so I never have to live without you" A.A. Milne

Love Inspiration

Each other and Inaya

Fast Facts

First met: Catonsville
First date: Dinner and a Movie in Arundel Mills
Got engaged: Valentine's Day 2012
Ceremony location: Baltimore,Md
Favorite planning resource: Ourselves
Honeymoon destination: TBA

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Red, black, and, white
We will be wearing: Red, black, and white tuxedo. And a white dress.
Who proposed to who: Tara proposed to Catrina
Our last name will be: Mack

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