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Tayla & Markeshia

When I first laid eyes on Markeshia I honestly thought that she was a very handsome young man. The very next day, I went to school telling my best friend all about this boy that I saw the day before. Well the more I describe this boy to my best friend the more she helps me to finish describing him.

This boy turns out to be her cousin!!! And this boy is a girl!!!! Markehsia turns out to be my first girlfriend…and my last.

At the time I was 17 years old. She was 22. I know that alot of people think that Im still young & I have no clue at all what love is…Well I do.

I feel in love so hard & so fast, that I just didnt know what to do with myself. I’ve never been with a female before & I never knew that you could love anyone like this.

People have done their very best to tear us down but when everything has been said & done they have just made us stronger. I wouldnt change one thing from my past because everything from my past has made me who I am today…a woman.

I love Markeshia & everything about her and I wouldnt trade her for anything in this world. I am going to take her last name & stand by her side through any & every thing. She is my world & everything in it.

This love is real.

Our love is real

Fast Facts

First met: Nashville, NC
First date: Anniversary: May 1, 2006
Got engaged: February 14, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: Red &White
We will be wearing: Tayla-gown / Markeshia-tuxedo
Who proposed to who: Markeshia proposed to Tayla
Our last name will be: Branch

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