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Crystal & Brittany (Redd)

ON April 12th I Crystal was walking thru the MARTA station in Atlanta, and her she came. Wow she had this walk of pride that I instantly fell in love with. She walked by so fast that I commented on her Mohawk and she thanked me and she kept walking. I was with my Ra Ke-Ke (my best Friend) and I told him how did I let her get away. Going down to the north side platform I continued to look for her but she had disappeared and than all of a sudden there she was standing on the south platform looking. I couldn’t stop smiling and than I waved she waved back. I felt like a little kid all excited. My Ra Ke-Ke ran across to the other platform and he exchanged numbers with her for me. We got on the Marta going north and she went south. She called about 5mins after pulling off, just to make sure she had the right number. I assured her she did. I called her later that evening and we chatted for awhile, I invited her over the next day and we went on a family trip to the park. It was very nice and my 1st time in the park in atlanta actually. We than went to willys at the park sat talked laughed and chatted. We went out that same night.

Over a period of several months we “courted” each other and than one night we sat on the patio at my house and she told me she was falling in love with me and I so happily said back to her I am in love with you. After that what more can I say, we of course have had our good days and working on it days , BUT the good outweigh the others. Everyday we tell each other the LOVE we have, we are truly soul mates and I can’t wait to become her wife for eternity.

Redd I Love YOU!!!!

& Crystal I L.O.V.E You !!!!

Babe I will lov you forever & I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you as your wife. I never gave up on You I never gave up on US !!!

Babe I L.O.V.E YOU !!!

Love Inspiration

1Corithians entire Chapter 13

Fast Facts

First met: April 12
First date: May 18
Got engaged: Aug 1
Ceremony date: 12/30/2008
Ceremony location: South Beach Miami
Favorite planning resource: WWW.Offbeatbride.com
Honeymoon destination: Puerto Rico or Mexico

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: This is OUR LOVE
Our wedding colors: White & Blue
We will be wearing: Beach Wedding Gown & Short Tuxedo
Who proposed to who: Redd propsed to Crystal
Our last name will be: Padilla

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