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Tiarra & Cristina

Im Tiarra and I am 18 and this is Cristina and iam 19. at the time I met Cristina my little angel I was goin through a hard time when i saw her walk bye it was as if my hardships had dissapeared. we locked eyes for about 10 seconds and she was back to getting a tour of our school. All I thought about that same night was wondering if she was single and if she was into boys or girls. The next day I went to school and there she was sitting next to my desk! Her beautiful short brwon hair was rolled up in a bun and I could see her eyes they were a blue so light you woulda thought they were contacts(which they are not) we’ve been engaged for about 3 months now and we think we are finnaly ready to take that big step of marriage we even have our own little apartment in Conneticit.

We are meant to be

Love Inspiration


Fast Facts

First met: 2/12/08
First date: 2/14/08
Got engaged: September 18th
Ceremony location: Tiarras back yard
Favorite planning resource: we did it all on our own
Honeymoon destination: we went to the bhamas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A wedding
Our wedding colors: Blue White
We will be wearing: long blue dresses with white sequin bows
Who proposed to who: Cristina
Our last name will be: Ellis

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