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Tiffany & Tina

After being single for almost a year I decided to try finding love online. I didn’t think I would ever find anyone that would love me for me.

One night, I was online looking at random lesbian profiles and I was just about to get off when I decided to check out the chat room. After being in there for about 30 minutes and not seeing anyone from my area I was about to log out when I saw “looking for friends in Charlotte, NC”. I clicked her screen name and found out her name was Tina. We went into private chat and found out we had a lot in common.

After about a week of talking on the phone we decided to meet up. So 6/11/2010 Tina came down to my house and we chilled and watched movies and talked. It was only a few hours but after she left I knew she was the one.

1 year and 1 week later we are still living in separate homes but planning a wedding.

Two Hearts One Love

Love Inspiration

Finally finding that one person that makes us truly happy

Fast Facts

First met: Online
First date: 6/11/2010
Got engaged: 4/3/2011
Ceremony location: Charlotte, NC
Favorite planning resource: Everywhere
Honeymoon destination: Beach

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Two Hearts One Love
Our wedding colors: Tiffany Blue & Brown
We will be wearing: Tiffany(suit) Tina (wedding dress)
Who proposed to who: Tiffany propsed to Tina
Our last name will be: Anthony
We are registered at: Walmart

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