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Tiffany & Whitney

I’m 30 and whit is 25 we’ve been together for five yrs now…. We’ve been threw alot and also grown alot… I have four kids that she has grown to love… Our relationship is not perfect but it’s us and it has alot of love… We do things as a family as well as our own free time… We are just as normally as the next couple… We are all we have and all we need…. Smith-Gilbert

If u make it threw the storm and the rain and your still able to smile threw any hurt and pain... Then u know together you can survive any and everything

Love Inspiration

She is the one I want to spend forever with so why not share that moment with the ones we love...

Fast Facts

First met: Summer 06
First date: 4/1/08
Got engaged: 2/14/12

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