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Toni & Trina

Well we knew each other from High School, but never formally met.Then elleven years later i found her on Myspace. We chatted briefly for a while. Then i deleted my account. Trina looked, and looked for me, but couldn’t find me. Then a year later i started up my account again, and she finally found me. Talk about meant to be! We talked for a bit, then we finally decided to meet.Our first meeting was at Chili’s. One of our favorite restaraunts.We went out on a few different occasions. Then on Feb.14th we had our first kiss. It was amazing.Total connection from the start. On Feb 22nd i asked her to be my girlfriend. Ever since then things between us have grown into something so wonderful. Some would say too good to be true. I never knew love could be this breath taking.WE have that once in a lifetime love that alot of people look for. On Oct. 25th i asked Trina to marry me. Of course she said yes!! I know in my heart that we will be happy, and in love for eternity. Never thought i would feel that way.

Forever and A Day

Love Inspiration

Our unconditional love for one another

Fast Facts

First met: Knew of each other from High School, in "94"
First date: Feb. 2007
Got engaged: Oct. 25, 2007
Ceremony location: Hollis Gardens , Lakeland,Fl.
Honeymoon destination: Going on a cruise this summer

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: baby pink, chocolate brown, ivory
Who proposed to who: Toni proposed to Trina
Our last name will be: Hyphonated

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