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Vivian & Jennifer

My name is Vivian Cannon and my wife is Jennifer (Coy) Cannon. Married in Davenport, Iowa December 12, 2009 at the VanderVeer Conservatory. Jennifer is from Davenport, I am from Florida where we currently reside. We are expecting our daughter Vivian Leone Jonah Cannon (Jonah) August 2, 2010. I work for British Airways and my wife is currently a housewife. We are your average married couple who are in love and live to make each other smile. I fell for her the moment we met. I tried to run away because it felt far too good to be real. I quickly came back to my senses and now would not leave her side for anything. The real thing does not come along often. When you find Mr. or Mrs. Right you better marry him or her fast..I don’t think my gay marriage is hurting the straight marriage statistics. Everyone deserves to marry the one they love as long as they are of legal age…Speaking of age I am 42yo and Jennifer is 29yo..May/December..kinda..lol

To anyone who finds the right person…be happy, never let anyone question what makes you happy.

God Bless

The Cannons


For my wedding I will wear black. From today I will never look back.

Love Inspiration

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Martin..it was how they looked at one another that inspired me to find Mrs. Cannon.

Fast Facts

First met: At British Airways
First date: Sushi
Got engaged: November 7, 2009
Ceremony location: Davenport, Iowa
Favorite planning resource: Local information and family
Honeymoon destination: London

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A Marriage
Our wedding colors: Black and White
We will be wearing: Formal wedding gowns
Who proposed to who: Vivian proposed to Jennifer
Our last name will be: Cannon

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: Running through snow to get ice cream.

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