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Wendi & Terri

We met shortly after Wendi moved to Florida in 2007. Wendi was already in a relationship, but we became fast friends. Wendi and her ex split up and our friendship grew. Several months later, we realized our attraction to one another and it’s been magical ever since.

We believe we were destined to meet. Our paths crossed many times in Chicago though we didn’t know it. Yes, we’re both native Chicagoans who met in Florida. We attended many of the same “pet functions” in the Chicago area at the same time though we didn’t meet at that time. Wendi took care of Terri’s aunts’ dog at a Vet Clinic Wendi managed. Terri occasionally went with her Aunt to the Clinic. Wendi remembers the dog but not Terri or her Aunt. It’s a small world.

We consider ourselves blessed to have met. It took each of us a lifetime to have met. Neither of us were looking to date when we met. Neither of us were interested in a relationship when we met. It happened, it fits and it feels right. We want this to last our lifetimes.

We can make it through anything

Love Inspiration

It's legal in Iowa.

Fast Facts

First met: March 2007
First date: October 2007
Got engaged: January 10, 2010
Ceremony location: Dubuque, Iowa
Honeymoon destination: Orlando, Florida

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Our Wedding
Our wedding colors: Lavendar and Yellow
We will be wearing: Undecided but we'll definitely have clothes on
Who proposed to who: Wendi proposed to Terri
Our last name will be: Goodman

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