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Ashley & Whitney

My girlfriend and i have been together off and on for eight years. We are both 21 years old. We met and we were best friends forever and then it was set in stone that we were meant to be. We have had our ups and many downs but we were still kids, well still are to some of you reading this. The thing is that we always find our way back to eachother. She is there for me and i for her. we make eachother laugh alll the time. She is first and foremost my best friend. I miss her every moment that we arent together. She is truly the other half of me. We have decided to get married on our anniversary. Which is June 30th of 2010. And we are both a little clueless so if you have any advice let me know. Also we cant have that big wedding because it will just be the two of us. My family doesnt want anything to do with me and her family is a bunch of alcoholics and druggies. So we are in this, Just The Two Of Us.

we will get through the hardship and struggle

Love Inspiration

i cant live without you

Fast Facts

First met: 9th grade
First date: Movie theater in Johnson City, TN
Got engaged: 4 days ago
Ceremony date: 06/29/2010
Ceremony location: ????????maybe a beach
Favorite planning resource: ??????????
Honeymoon destination: ????????????

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: our wedding
Our wedding colors: green and yellow
We will be wearing: i want a dress and she hasnt decided
Who proposed to who: Whitney proposed to me
Our last name will be: Carter

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