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Andrea & Jean

Jean and I met on Plentyoffish.com in March 2009. We started talking because I wrote her a message telling her that she had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. We started talking after that and continued talking for the next couple of months.

We did not actually meet in person for almost 2 months after we began talking, and we were not officially “together” until August 2009. We spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other and enjoying each others company. I had never gone into a relationship this way before, and it was the best thing we ever did because now we are not only in love with each other, but we are best friends as well.

I bought my first house in Decemebr 2009, and we moved in right before Christmas. We have 2 cats, Lady & Clover; and 2 dogs, Oliver & Fergie : )

we love each other's stinkin' guts.

Love Inspiration

pure happiness

Fast Facts

First met: March 10, 2009
First date: April 1, 2009
Got engaged: July 2009
Ceremony location: Washingotn DC
Honeymoon destination: unsure

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a celebration
Our wedding colors: unsure
We will be wearing: dresses
Who proposed to who: I proposed to Jean
Our last name will be: unsure

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