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philishia & Alexsia

we met in 2006, dated for like 10 months. We broke up to creative differences. she married someone else and went on with her life. I stuck around like glue dating seeing others. But I always loved her, always. No matter who or where I was there. They broke up 2 yrs ago. I was a friend through it all. Stayed in her life til she sat still and realized I was always the one. It’s a long drawn out fairytale story…But I will save that for a later date!!!

1-4-12 ~ we finally set a date. It will be September 2, 2012. For christmas she bought me a new engagement ring. Im so excited and happy!

The prayers of the righteous Availeth Much!

Love Inspiration

Love of GOD

Fast Facts

First met: in the fall of 2006 football season
Got engaged: 2nd time jan 2011
Ceremony location: somewhere in boystown
Favorite planning resource: Gayweddings.com
Honeymoon destination: im thinking key west, florida

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: n/a
Our wedding colors: cream/chocolate (a pinch of burnt orange or mint)
We will be wearing: im wearing a dress, her a tux
Who proposed to who: Alex proposed to me (phe)
Our last name will be: Claybourne

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