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amanda & jennifer

Nearly two years ago, Jenn walked into the bar I was bartending at. Of course, the ‘rule’ was to appear to be available but never BE available to the patrons. So flirted with her and served her drinks and couldnt take my eyes off her all night long! At closing time, she jotted down her phone number and walked out of my life. Now the ball was in my court. Having just separated from a long term relationship, I wasnt up for another. But I wasnt opposed to new friends either. The very next day I sent her a text message. We began talking and seeing more of each other. And each time I was with her, or thinking of her, I couldnt stop the smile that found its way to my face. Within a few weeks, I introduced her to my best friend and they hit it off. A good sign! Though we had been talking for several weeks, we officially called ourselves a couple in Sept of 08. (we celebrate our anniversary as the day we met though – dont want to NOT count those wonderful days of first kisses and laughs and discovery!)

When the subject of marriage would come up, I was adamant that I wouldnt get engaged until at least a year together. She proposed 5 months shy of our 1 year mark and I accepted – eagerly! I knew that this one was the one I wante spend my life with, wake up to every morning, and do everything in my power to give her a happy life. Because she had been doing all that for me since the day we met!

Life has thrown us a few curve balls during our time together. However, because we have built our relationship on trust and communication and honesty we have overcome any obstacle or challenge thrown our way.

We are excited to share our wedding with our friends and family and we know we will enjoy a lifetime of love and laughter together!

I more than love you.

Fast Facts

First met: I was her bartender - July 08
First date: a beach date - Aug 08
Got engaged: April 9, 2009
Ceremony location: New Hampshire

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a wedding. We will be wives!
Our wedding colors: pale pink and chocolate brown
We will be wearing: beach themed attired
Who proposed to who: jenn popped the question
Our last name will be: Marquis-Williams

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