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Alex & Andrea

Andrea and I met at a club called Chaos in Washington DC. Its funny cause neither one of us really ever went there so it was a bit of a surprise that we happened to be in the same club on the same night, not to mention we came from complete opposite sides of the track and I do bellieve it was fate that brought us together.

Anyways, back to that night, I showed up with some of my friends just looking to have a good time (I wasn’t looking to date anyone) and as I walked in I saw this beautiful woman leaned up against the wall with a friend of hers. It was like my dream girl had dropped down from heaven and was right in front of me. I didn’t know if she was straight or gay so I just continued to hang out with my friends and hope that maybe she would look my way. Strangley enough a girl that I associated with came up to me and told me that her friend thought I was cute, I looked up and saw her pointing to Andrea. My heart must have skipped a beat, I got so nervous (which was not like me at all). I couldn’t believe that she knew some of the same people as I did, I knew I had to talk to her. So I made my way over to her and TRIED to be all slick and lean up against the ledge next to her, needless to say my nerves got the best of me and I slipped off the ledge. She saw me out of the corner of her eye and smiled. Thats when I asked her for her number, and it was for sure the best thing I EVER did. As the night continued on we didn’t have to much interaction except right before I was leaving I felt her wonderful embrace as she hugged me from behind and asked me not to leave, or at least could she drive me home. I declined but was starry eyed all night. I couldn’t wait to call her to give her my number and I did right as I got to the car, I thought she would still be inside the club and I could just leave a message but no of course not she had just left and picked up the phone, oh how embarassing!! She didn’t seem to mind. We talked through txt over the next few days as she was in philly for her sisters graduation. We had our first date on that Friday and went out with a few friends, it was truely love at first sight, I didn’t want to part from her. We went out again together on Sunday May 22nd 2005 and I knew I wanted to be with her more then anything else in this world and thats when I asked her to be my girlfriend. A week later she told me that she loved me and it was so wonderful to hear since I felt the same.

After 3 years of being togther on July 26 2008 I took her for a beach trip and asked her to marry me, it was early morning sunrise on the beach. I was so nervous I lost my thoughts and words (she has that affect on me as you can see)but regardless of my stuper she still said yes and I slipped the ring right on her beautiful finger. Needless to say it was the happiest day of my life to know that she would be my wife.

I have known from day 1 that I can’t live without her by my side and always knew there was no one else in this world that I wanted to build a life with more then her, it is true love and our love has conquered all obstacles over the years ranging from family members not accepting us to friends trying to pull us apart, and I truly feel that our love is special and no matter what has happened in the past or what may come at us in the future that nothing will break what we have. We live laugh and love together day in and day out.

She is my best friend my lover and life partner. Amo mi vida!

Madly, truly deeply in love.

Love Inspiration

Our undying, unconditional love for one another

Fast Facts

First met: 5/18/05 wednesday night at Chaos
First date: Friday night but officially she was my girl on Sunday May 22
Got engaged: 7/26/2008
Ceremony location: Northern Virgina/DC
Honeymoon destination: Cabo San Lucas

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony/Wedding
Our wedding colors: Tiffany Teal/White
We will be wearing: Andrea wedding dress-Alex female suite
Who proposed to who: Alex proposed to Andrea on the beach nervous as can be
Our last name will be: Gomez

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