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Shavonzail & Gretel

Gretel 41 mother Shavonzail Camp 30. We met at work after being around one another for 1 year, casual conversation.One day it just happened love at first sight, I never beleived in it until that day i looked at her and her eyes met mine and a feeling just came over me a warm feeling. (Shavon) We began texting and talking to one another daily.She invited me to meet her bestfriend and of course I was a little afraid, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made for myself. (Shavon) I fell in love with Gretel over night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, I couldn’t stop wanting to see her. Everday she would pass my office and I would try to act busy so she wouldn’t notice me looking at her.(Shavon) I found my soulmate in Gretel and(Gretel) I found my soulmate in Shavon.(Shavon) I made the decision to follow my heart one morning I woke up with Gretel on my mind and said I am in love with this woman, I want to be with this woman all day every day, I will not be without my hearts desire.My soul has been captivated by Gretel I had completely given up on finding the person that I could be so madly in love with and never want to leave their side. Gretel and I are madly in love.Everyone who knows us says that we are meant to be and that we are sickning the way we act, but true love can’t be hidden. We will be renewing our vows February( Gretel wants to do it on Valentines day that is the sweetest thing oh honey)


Love Inspiration

Gretel Seymour/Shavonzail Camp

Fast Facts

First met: Work-December 2006
First date: August 2007
Got engaged: August 2007
Ceremony location: Covered Bridge at Roswell
Favorite planning resource: we used our own ideas
Honeymoon destination: Hyatt Place(wedding night) and Cruise-September 2008

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Uniting Of Soulmates
Our wedding colors: White linen, Blue and Taupe
We will be wearing: Gretel-linen pants and white and blue top, Shavon-Taupe
Who proposed to who: Gretel to Shavon
Our last name will be: Seymour

Looking Back on the Big Day

Favorite wedding moment: We we said our vows and looked into each others eyes

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