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John & Jerry

Thank you for visiting our personal wedding website. We are excited to have found each other and would love to share our celebration with you.

Our love was unexpected. We realized our love follows no rules. We are ready to take on life’s challenges along the way but laughing the whole time.

John and Jerry first met officially at the bar, North End.

John was on a friendly date with Jerry’s best friend, Gary. The friendly date was not going so well, so Gary called Jerry to come and liven things up. As soon as Jerry walked through the door, John was instantly mesmerized. However, John played it cool as to not hurt Gary’s feelings. John had to put his feelings aside for Jerry in hopes that one day they would meet again.

That one day eventually did arrive. Although there was strong attraction for one another, John was very stubborn. Eventually John and Jerry exchanged emails and stayed in touch for years, living their own lives as fate would have it.

Once again, John and Jerry crossed paths. John invited Jerry to a friend’s BBQ on July 4, 2007. This time John was not as stubborn. John pursued Jerry without fail and they have been inseperable since.

John proposed to Jerry on February 11, 2008. John proposed on this date because his favorite number is 2 and Jerry’s is 11.

The whole day was a perfect adventure. John surprised Jerry with a lavish home cooked breakfast. John also made a series of fortune cookies for Jerry to open throughout the day. Messages inside the cookies would give clues as to what the day would bring.

Jerry opened the first fortune cookie during breakfast which read, “Happy Early Valentine’s Day. You have today OFF from work.” He was completely shocked and excited as to what the day would bring.

The next fortune cookie he opened in the car read, “Your digits will be pampered.” Jerry immediately guessed a manicure and pedicure, which they were to have with mimosas.

Another fortune cookie he eagerly opened read, “Your right brain will be inspired.” Jerry guessed it had to do with something creative. John took him to the Art Institute Museum so they could both grain inspirations from the art work for their beginners’ painting class on Valentine’s Day.

The next fortune cookie read, “May the rhythm be with U.” Jerry guessed it had something to do with either music or dance. John took him to a dance studio for a private lesson on how to do the waltz. They were both graceful and learned quickly. The instructor was impressed.

Afterwards, Jerry received the last fortune cookie, which he thought was the end of their adventure. The message read, “_ _ _’_.” He could not figure it out, so John asked if he was hungry. Jerry screamed, “Roy’s!” which is their favorite restaurant. Their dinner was heavenly and they giggled most of the time.

After dinner, John pretended to throw a temper tantrum as if he forgot something at Jerry’s house. Jerry took him to the Uptown house and John insisted he wait in the car. John went inside and made sure everything was all set up. John then called Jerry in a frantic and hyperventilating voice that he had fallen and dislocated his knee. Jerry rushed up and opened the door. Instead of finding John, he saw a trail of heart confetti and heart candles which lead him to a scroll on the table that read sweet lines of John’s proclamation of love. The last message on the scroll instructed him to open the window blinds. Jerry opened the blinds and saw in his courtyard white bags with candles inside them that spelled “WILL U MARRY.” Instead of “Me,” John was kneeling in its place with his arms up hoping for a yes. Jerry screamed out, “YES!” Jerry ran down and they hugged each other while crying and John slipped the ring on Jerry’s finger.

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart.

Love Inspiration

We are each other's best friend, lover, and soulmate.

Fast Facts

First met: North End during John's first date with someone else.
First date: July 4, 2007 at a BBQ unofficially; A week later officially
Got engaged: February 11, 2008 on Jerry's courtyard
Ceremony location: Hopefully Sunset Key, FL
Favorite planning resource: Family
Honeymoon destination: We will always be on honeymoon with each other!

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Project Wedding 211
Our wedding colors: Blue, Green, and White
We will be wearing: Linen
Who proposed to who: John proposed to Jerry
Our last name will be: Barbaza-Mazo-Gomez

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