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Amber & Elaine

We crossed paths a couple times at Long Beach Pride May 19th 2007, I think Amber saw me first(I did, and I thought she was adorable, plus she was playing with two adorable little boys and melted my heart). When I saw her I was speechless, literally. As I was sitting with friends, hanging out and taking pictures on that grassy knoll near the chinese food kiosk, she walked up to me and said, “I just wanted to let you know you’re f**king sexy” as she shook my hand (this was after a few drinks and some encouragement from my friends, I am no where near that slick normally)… All I could say was (with the biggest smile on her face) “I don’t even know your name.” Probably not the best comeback line, Amber felt like I blew her off and I was just speechless that someone that beautiful came up to me. We met up again at the main stage,(with the extra help of a few of Elaine’s friends)and exchanged phone numbers, I called her in the afternoon the next day and we decided to meet up at Venice beach a little later.

We met Sunday afternoon at the Venice beach drum circle, walked along the boardwalk. Amber grabbed a slice of pizza, we sat and talked. She laughed and spit up pizza on my jeans, it was love at first sight.

(The first time I saw her she was so freakin’ cute! And she always knows how to make me smile! We have so much fun together whatever the adventure may be, I love her soo much!)

when i first saw her

she always makes me laugh

we've been having fun ever since!

I love-ed you a lot a lot

Love Inspiration

Elain said I love-ed you and I started the alot alot part

Fast Facts

First met: Long Beach Pride
First date: Dinner @ Islands in Pasadena & a movie: Shrek the third
Ceremony location: sacramento?
Favorite planning resource: So far the Internet
Honeymoon destination: Cruise to Alaska

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Commitment Ceremony
Our wedding colors: Light Blue, Chocolate, and Ivory
We will be wearing: Suits and t-shirts with vans or converse
Our last name will be: Stapp

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