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Natalie & Christine

We are two Montana girls who found eachother in Seattle. We both have strong ties to Montana and our families.

Christine has a little more city in her and has ventured out into the world a little more by living in Tacoma Washington (2005-2007) and Minnapolis(2001-2005)while in college, she did take a 2 year break from college while in Minnapolis and was the manager at a Jumba Juice. She just graduated from Pacific Luthuran University with a history degree. While in both cities she built many friendships, friends who became her family away from home. She is a wonderful friend, a ball of energy, someone who can make you smile and can always have a good time with. She holds her friends dear to her heart and misses everyone in both places! However, she is now back in Montana and will be attending graduate school at the University of Montana, getting her Masters in Education. Christine wants to be a High School history teacher some day! She is extremely happy to be back in Montana where she can get out and play in the mountains and see her family more often.

Natalie and Christine…in common…so much! But the key that holds us together is our family bonds. It is the value that sets US apart from other relationships we have been in. We both love our families dearly and can not wait to start builing our own. Also, we are both the youngest in the families (Christine of 5, Natalie of 4), which causes us a few headaches because we are both use to getting our way and also very sensitive.

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Fast Facts

First met: Summer 1998
First date: Feb. 18th 2006
Got engaged: January 6th 2007
Ceremony location: Montana ...somewhere...not sure yet
Honeymoon destination: Not sure yet

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A ceremony to some and a wedding to most
Our wedding colors: Maroon
We will be wearing: You'll have to wait and see.
Who proposed to who: Natalie asked Christine first
Our last name will be: Still Deciding

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