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Yesenia & Teri

Teri and I have been together for 7 wonderful yrs. We have 6 children together. When I first met Teri, my heart skipped, before Teri I felt lost in the world, my heart was ice for everyone, except my children. My soul mate walked into my heart when, I needed her the most and I walked into her heart at the same time. We feel that we have lived many lives together, and now is live we finally get to be 100% happy and together. Nothing can separate us.


Love Inspiration

LOVE is our inspiration

Fast Facts

First met: In Rochester NY
First date: 07/09/2004 her home, we kissed for 6hrs straight.
Got engaged: 11/25/2004 Thanksgiving Day
Ceremony location: still planning
Favorite planning resource: still searching
Honeymoon destination: Hawaii or Puerto Rico

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: Soulmates
Our wedding colors: Mocca/White
We will be wearing: Teri a Dress/ Yesenia nice dress pants and Blouse
Who proposed to who: Yesenia proposed to Teri
Our last name will be: Roman Baer

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