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Anita & Lisa

Lisa (left) is a Couch Potato whose main interests are God, movies, and cooking.

Anita (right) is a Bookworm whose main interests are Activism, computers, and writing.

So, how did a Deaf God-fearing Couch Potato, and a Blind Agnostic Bookworm get together? You’ll have to read our Wedding story to find out!

I'm Blind, she's Deaf, it just works!

Love Inspiration

I talked to the Universe, she talked to God...both said, "Let there be a Wedding!"

Fast Facts

First met: March, 2004, on a protest
First date: October 26, 2007. Lisa took me to an Ethiopian restaurant
Got engaged: April 26, 2008, on the day we traveled to Washington, DC
Ceremony date: 04/02/2009
Ceremony location: Rochester, NY

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a Wedding, of course!
Our wedding colors: Purple and White
We will be wearing: Tuxedoes
Who proposed to who: Lisa proposed to Anita
Our last name will be: We're keeping our last names

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