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susan & annie

we have already started a family. we have 5 kids…all furry & four-legged! both of us are animal lovers and brought cats into the relationship. we decided to get a dog then annie talked susan into getting another dog. annie says that 10 animals would be optimal, susan says that we have reached maximum capacity with 3 cats and 2 dogs. however, eventually we do want to start a family that includes human children…lol.

we both want to further our educations. annie is in the process of taking lpn classes, with the ultimate goal of becoming a registered nurse. susan wants to remain in the human services field and pursue a master’s degree in art therapy.

we are complete opposites in many aspects of life. annie loves screamo and susan loves folk rock. annie is a free spirit and susan craves structure. annie is a bit on the messy side and susan can be a bit on the ocd side.

one driving force of our relationship is the humor we both find in life. we both love to laugh and laughter only makes love sweeter.

laughter makes love sweeter.

Love Inspiration

we encourage each other to love ourselves deeper as individuals; thus growing deeper in love with each other.

Fast Facts

First met: we met online, actually!
First date: january 19, 2008
Got engaged: november 30, 2009
Ceremony location: decatur, il
Favorite planning resource: books and word of mouth
Honeymoon destination: someplace warm & beachy

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: a commitment ceremony
Our wedding colors: tentatively slate blue and silver
We will be wearing: annie- dress; susan- possibly a dress
Who proposed to who: susan popped the question
Our last name will be: renton-siegmund (although this could change!)

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