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Ashlee & Angela

Angela (left) and I met in 2008. My ex and I were going to culinary school, and she and Angela’s sister had a class together. For their end-of the term project, the class had planned a dessert tasting for friends and family. As soon as Angela and I shook hands, and locked eyes across the room, we knew there was a connection between us. We exchanged email addresses and facebook pages…it took me a few weeks to muster up the courage to add her as a friend. Little did I know, she had been pouring over my page for days.

After hours of conversations online, really getting to know each other (just as friends at the time) she finally came out to me. Personally, I had known all along, but didn’t want to ask. As soon as she told me, I said, “Please don’t turn into one of those lesbians that sleeps around, you are way too good for that.” Knowing that A, I never wanted her to fall into that, and B, I wanted her for myself 😛

As my relationship with my ex fell apart, Angela and I became closer and closer. In fact, my ex constantly told me, “Why don’t you just get together with Angela? You’d be better off.” Little did she know, that was actually true. Angie and I knew we had to give this relationship a chance. Luckily, we have fallen very much in love. She is everything I could possibly want, and we just complete each other. In our short 7 months together (so far), we’ve been through so much, and even though we are currently living in 2 different states, (her for work, me for school) we continue to persevere. Our motto has been, “We’ll make it work.” Although it sucks sometimes, it is definately worth it.

We plan to have a simple ceremony in Iowa on 8-9-10, before our large ceremony and reception for family and friends in 2011. We are very excited. I could never wish for anything more.

We made it work.

Fast Facts

First met: Fall 2008
First date: April 14, 2009
Got engaged: (officially) April 2010
Ceremony location: Columbia, MO
Honeymoon destination: Mackinac Island, MI

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: It had to be you.
Our wedding colors: Lavender and Blue
We will be wearing: simple, informal dresses
Who proposed to who: Angela proposed first
Our last name will be: Frisch-Mason

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