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Bekah & Kimi

We (officially) met through a mutual friend who actually just thought that Kimi would be a good rebound from my recent breakup. We hit it off really well and started hanging A LOT. Come to find out Kimi had a crush on me for weeks prior to our official meeting. Well that was 3 years ago now and we’ve had our ups and downs since then but it’s been enough ups to keep us going. I don’t know why but her birthday this year seemed like a good time to propose and it worked out perfectly (for the most part, stupid FedEx). Now the planning begins and we couldn’t be more happy.

Fast Facts

First met: October 2008
First date: May 16, 2009
Got engaged: May 16, 2011
Ceremony date: 10/12/2012
Ceremony location: New Orleans, La

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