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Steven & Randall

About three years ago,Randall and I met through a mutual friend in Dallas. Though we both were not ready for a relationship we said let’s take it slow for now. Randall, only being single 5 years after 18 year relationship and myself 5 years after a 13 years relationship. We both knew what it takes to be in a relationship and we both have learn from our past.

Well, after three months we had our first date, and shortly after, he ask me to move in with him in Arlington. I lived in Fort Worth at the time, SO I said yes, why not!

Randall told me he wanted and needed a “Best Friend”! Someone who will listen and not judge him for anything, but except him for who he is. I on the other hand,needed someone to love me unconditional without reservations. I found that in Randall. He except’s all my flaws and encourages me to be more,as I do him.

When we decided on a location for our wedding,we wanted our closes friends and family with us who supported us from day one to share in our marriage.

The road that we're on will have it's Bumps here and there, But as long as we talk things out,we'll be able to enjoy a Smooth,Long Ride!

Love Inspiration

Randall, says he is marrying his best friend. I agree.

Fast Facts

First met: Three years a go through a mutual friend.
First date: 3 months later. Sushi and "Dreamgirls"!
Got engaged: Feb 14,2012
Ceremony date: 06/14/2013
Ceremony location: Cancun,Mexico
Favorite planning resource: A wedding planner
Honeymoon destination: Cancun,Mexico

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: A marriage
Our wedding colors: Pewter & Lavender
We will be wearing: Steven-Tom Ford / Randall-Calvin Klein
Who proposed to who: Randall First- Steven Second
Our last name will be: Bell-Hutsell
We are registered at: www.restorationhardware.com/gifts

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