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Katheryne & Roberta

We have been involved off and on since we were about 14 years old. We both tried to have other traditional relationships because of the faith we were raised in and our families but always returned to each other. We have been together now, committed to each other since 1995. We had a handfasting about 5 1/2 years ago, but we feel we deserve a real wedding. So now we and our beautiful 4 year old daughter are going to move forward with this plan. Who knows? Perhaps by the time we have our wedding, it will actually be recognized legally.

True love stories never end.

Fast Facts

First met: At a roller skating party in 1981
Got engaged: May 23, 2011
Ceremony date: 09/21/2012
Ceremony location: Cincinnati, OH
Honeymoon destination: Disney World/New Orleans

In Case You Were Wondering

We're calling our celebration: wedding
Our wedding colors: autum shades
We will be wearing: white dresses
Who proposed to who: Kathy proposed to Bobbi
Our last name will be: Crowe

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