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Alison & Bobbie

Alison and I are a very nontraditional couple in nearly every sense of the word. She’s the tattooed biker chick and I’m an environmentalist. She’s chivalrous and I’m a bit of a feminist, lol. Even the way we met was very different. We met at an online Xena convention in a chat room of all places! Since that rather amusing weekend in November, we talked online several times but I never thought of asking her out (I thought she was straight, lol).

Then one night, late, late one night we were chatting online again and she asked me out. I was floored and my first thought was “no way!”. I had all these reasons why I thought it was a bad idea (she is a bit younger than me, lol) but then, with some encouragement from some friends, I said yes. God I am so glad I did, although she tells me she would have talked me into it eventually.

I spent over a week trying to figure out how to tell her I loved her; nearly blurted it out half a dozen times. I finally settled for leaving her a message on my phone when the alarm on it went off; I nearly cried when I called home that day and she told me she loved her wake up call. She even proposed in a very unique way; she sent me an e-mail and told me not to read it for a week; yeah right, that so happened! She was napping on the couch and I was crying in the chair the day after I received it!

We are planning on asking two of my closest female friends, her sister, my gay cousin and gay friend to stand up for us (which leaves us just one more person to make it even).

She and I laugh at almost everything; even the dumb stupid stuff you say at like 2 am when you should be going to sleep but you don’t want to close your eyes. We like so many of the same things, motorcycles, Xena, tattoos, slapstick, shopping, lol. And all my friends love her and tell me she’s so good for me; her family says the same about me!

Its been hard recently because my job takes me away from her for 10 days at a time but she keeps telling me she’s willing to hang on. So to ease the distance we chat online and pass silly little notes to each other; she brings out the poet in me. I have no idea what I ever did before I met her; she’s my life!!!

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." ~ Sam Keen

Love Inspiration

Each Other

Fast Facts

First met: 1/12/08
First date: A few days later.
Got engaged: 4/29/08
Ceremony location: Probably 2 different locations lol.
Favorite planning resource: Several.
Honeymoon destination: New Zealand.

In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding colors: different shades of blue and green; think ocean
We will be wearing: Alison will be wearing a green dress; Bobbie hasn't a clue
Who proposed to who: Alison proposed to Bobbie.
Our last name will be: The same as before.

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