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Cristina & Brittany

We are two females who love each other more then love itself. We met in a cold snowy day and caught each others eyes. We were thinking about the same thing and that was how can I start a conversation with her. Then next thing u know, (bang)I got her in my life. We have good times and bad but what keeps us together through the bad times is the good times. We have a daughter together named Melody and we are a happy family!!! I cant wait till I become her wife and Im doing everything in my power for her to finally decide that she wants me to be her wife!!!

Love is like a fake flower, it never dies.

Love Inspiration

She has inspired me to make this commitment.

Fast Facts

First met: On Patton St. in front of the store.
First date: Jan. 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

Our last name will be: Yancey

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